Architect Extraordinaire...

Paul R. Williams was an architect in Los Angeles and designed many homes in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air including the bathhouse above for Jay Paley in 1934. As an African American, he developed techniques to give him an edge such as drawing sketches of homes upside down for potential clients across a table because he could not sit beside them.
Determined and in the end, one of America's foremost architects, his work stands the test of time and can be seen at LAX, Palm Springs - the Desi Arnaz-Lucille Ball house, the Palm Springs Tennis Club (with A. Quincy Jones) and car magnate E.L. Cord's house in Beverly Hills. Go here http://http://www.amazon.com/Paul-R-Williams-Architect-Legacy/dp/0847817636 for more information on this amazing architect.


Dream kitchen...

This is my favorite kitchen shot in Veranda January-February 2009 by Casey and Anne Sills; the interior design is by Donna Temple Brown, who owns an antique store in Houston, Texas. The whole condo is wonderful, but the kitchen just doesn't look like a kitchen to me. No cabinets on the walls, no de rigeur island etc. I think its brilliant in that it doesn't look like a typical kitchen. Donna designed 'out of the box' and the result is stunning.


Textile Obsession & Studio Bon Textiles

I am obsessed with fabrics - I am taking a textile class and love learning about all the different kinds of fabrics available to the designer and artist. This photo is of a Maine Cottage fabric I covered a chair with this summer and just love...I just read about a textile designer, Bonnee Sharp in Dallas of Studio Bon - please visit her site shttp://www.studiobon.net and prepare to be wowed! She is also featured in this month's "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine.


Scooter, the Blog Mascot...Again

Scooter when he was shaved like the 'Lion King...' you can't see his bushy tail...

Scooter, the Blog Mascot

Power of Pink

With the colder weather I thought a pretty picture of a flower I took in the summer might be more interesting to look at!
I will think about a fall photo soon, but not yet.


Creampetal China

I love, love this china and can't seem to eat a meal without using one of these beautiful dishes that are so special. I found them in an antique store a year ago and they are still my favorite. Lovely pink and grey flowers with lots of green.

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