Blogging Class Pix...

Okay, here are some experimental shots I took for my 'Blogging Your Way' class...this homework assignment was instructed by the very talented Leslie Shewring, who has her own blog here...acreativemint.typepad.com - and takes gorgeous pictures of beautiful colored patterns and flowers. I need to work on it, but these are my vignettes showcasing the fabulous book, 'Blogging for Bliss' by Tara Frey.
I sent Tara a note thanking her for all the wonderful tips and instructions in the book and I was beyond thrilled when she sent me an email telling her I had 'made her week.' Well, ditto for me too, it is a great book and one you should pick up if you are just starting to blog. Do visit Tara's wonderful blog as well here: http://tarafrey.com.
It really helped me with the process of creating this blog and is a constant go-to for brush-up instructions as well. I open it when I want to add something or just learn anew.
Have you taken any vignettes? Do you like taking pictures for your own blog?


Light inspiration...

I love, love, love the look of these lamps and over at my other blog today at http://www.rachelgdzinelife.onsugar.com , I posted some pix of gorgeous lamps to love. Wouldn't this look great on a bedside table? or side table next to a settee? I think this can go anywhere in just about any room and give that room a touch of texture and elegance. What kind of lamps do you like?

Origin of photo - unknown catalog


Winter white...

I love this gorgeous white room with European influence...I think it may have been showcased on http://www.cotedetexas.blogspot.com a few months ago and I just love the textiles, the French chair, pale walls, lamps, blue Moroccan stool which ties in with the blue vase and stripes on the pillows, ottoman and the wooden shutters - which lend it a rather sophisticated country look. The simplicity of all these elements look so yummy together. It looks fresh and serene. How beautiful in winter if there is snow outside! What do you like about the room? Would you add more color? Who is the designer??


Tactile textiles...

Ric Rac -
Xando -

El Sol -

Studio Bon Textiles - I absolutely love these fabrics (and their imaginative names above!) and originally discovered them in the November issue of Better Homes and Gardens when the mag featured designer, Bonnee Sharp (she is also featured in the November House Beautiful). I previously wrote about Bonnee a month or so ago and was just reading another blog featuring textiles and was inspired to look at her website again. Bonnee has also designed a line for the textile giant, Schumacher as well. What a great addition these would make to any home --modern, traditional or mid-century style...they look fresh, hip and a little bit retro...which one is your favorite??
(for more information go to: www.studiobon.net)


Designer special...

Is this just divine? I believe this room is credited to Gerry Bremermann and I think it may be my favorite...right now anyway. I love the colors, the seagrass, gorgeous furniture, mixture of elements and the curtains! the chandelier and my favorite, the Barcelona chair looks perfect paired with the Swedish chair (or is it French?!) Do you love it too or is it not your style? To see more of this 'fabulousness' go to:http://bremermanndesigns.com


New Year, new decade...

Well, here we are in 2010...another decade gone. January is always a good month to think about changes you want to make, things you need to do differently, exercise and nutrition programs you want to get started and on and on. Resolutions? maybe, but, I prefer to think of it as a continuation of what I already been doing, only now I will do it better!!! if that makes any sense, what are you doing, trying, changing in 2010? Any short or long term plans?
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