For those of you who LOVE handbags, here is a chance to win a beautiful Kathy van Zeeland original in a lemony yellow color for spring!!

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For those of you who LOVE handbags, here is a chance to win a beautiful Kathy van Zeeland original in a lemony yellow - perfect for spring!!!

To enter, become a follower and if you want a second entry, tweet or blog about the giveaway, but just let me know if you tweeted or blogged! This giveaway is open all week and I will draw a winner next Monday March 7th!! Good luck!!  

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Going to the Oscars...

Gotcha! IF I was going to the Oscars, which, of course is a ridiculously BIG IF...I would want to wear one of these gorgeous gowns!! What you will be wearing???

Elie Saab Haute Couture left, Zuhair Murad on the right

Jason Wu, left;  Valentino, right

Donna Karan left,  Prabal Gurung on the right

The yellow gown at the top is my fave...which is yours??

(images people.com)

Spaah on Sunday...

These are three new spectacular tubs from Kohler and each is listed over $6,000.00...so, if you have that kind of budget and you love freestanding tubs in Honed White, prepare yourself. These tubs are gorgeous and will fit any design scheme. Just plan on a little extra room as each tub is about 5.5' to 7.5' of pure relaxation and scream 'spaaahh' to me!

The Abrazo...love this tub...

The aptly named, Askew...

The Aliento...

Enjoy the Sunday...

(images by kohler.com)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

Great color combinations are not often seen in kitchens...usually they are white or neutral so this really caught my eye this morning. I particularly love orange and blue together or better yet, tangerine and aqua (as it is described) and this kitchen is so well designed. Of course, is it is in England...notice the attention to detail...the orange radio and the aqua toaster! Also, the knobs painted the same color as the cabinets (not the usual polished chrome or brushed nickel) is a nice touch too, as well as the dark granite counters.

The curtains are from Osborne & Little and really add the pizzazz here...have a great weekend everybody and thanks for visiting me this week!!

(original image for Homes & Gardens by Mark Bolton)

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Photo studio favorites...

I just can't resist...Scooter is so photogenic and I got some great pictures earlier this month of him - he rarely stays still, so I just kept snapping...

Cats are such beautiful creatures...Hope you have a great Friday!!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)


Today would have been...

My mother's 81st birthday - Happy Birthday Mom - I miss you every day. I love her wedding picture, and her dress!

Taken for my parents wedding May 19, 1956

(image by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)


Sherwin Williams series...

I love color decks and samples of paint colors and thought these Sherwin Williams colors, in particular turquoise and orange, look beautiful together...and I love this combination. What are your favorite color combinations to work with?

The green is beautiful too in this series...do share your color combination favorites! Any plans today? I will be visiting a friend for lunch...hope you have a great day!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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Spaah on Sunday...

This beautiful French farmhouse bathroom really resonates with me on this sleepy, very cold and windy Sunday in New England. The wind has been howling for two days now with scattered power outages across the state. The house still seems a bit cold, so a warm cat and clothes are in order!! This bath was featured in Cote de Texas' recent blog post about houses to rent in Provence.

Like the kitchen highlighted yesterday, the stone walls and earthy colors make this bathroom, I think, pretty spectacular. A nice long soak in the tub would be wonderful today.  In my daydream, it is summer and if the window is open, there will be the smell of lavender wafting in and...ok, back to reality here...:( Enjoy your Sunday!!

Visit Joni's blog here --

(image cotedetexas.blogspot.com)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

Sorry I'm late with this post, I had to work today and then took a knitting class! I will show you my progress in the next couple of days...anyway, I love this kitchen for its totally rustic, earthy appearance and colors. It is so different than what most people expect from a kitchen so it is worth a look...

The floor is actually acid washed cement to give it a leathery appearance...very unique. The island and the walls are so rustic too. But, still quite sophisticated as you can see with recessed lighting. This looks like it should be in Montana or out west somewhere, but it would be more interesting if it was in, say, Ohio or Connecticut. Maybe a big beer is in order rather than tea, what do you think??

Have a great weekend!!

(original image for Country Living by Aimee Herring)


Check this rug out...

I picked up this 5x7 rug at a Goodwill store over the weekend - I was looking for blues if possible to go in my living room. This rug was made in Turkey and was only...$18.99! So, I was very pleased and think it adds some energy to the room - I love a good bargain!

It seems to be a well made rug and will replace my old woven sisal with zebra border. I also have 2 teenagers and an elderly cat, so I didn't want to spend a lot in case of spills, stains and general wear and tear. Hope you all have a great day!!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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A little note...

I rounded up some pink things of mine and got snapping in my makeshift photo studio...I hope you like my little collages and my sincere wishes that everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for being here on my blogging journey!! xxxx

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

Blue & white pillow...

I bought a gorgeous blue and white pillow to go with my new graphic yellow and whites...I also bought a 5x7 rug yesterday...you won't believe the price but more on that later -

There's my Jeanie bottle again!

This shows just a peek of the new recliners we bought in a lovely navy wool fabric with yellow and reddish print on a diamond pattern...they replaced my IKEA chairs, which are now in the basement in the 'man cave.'  I love the updated and modern look of the pillows -

(pillow from etsy.com/bexcaliber)

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!! xx

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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Spaah on Sunday...

The design firm of Caldwell Flake continues to 'wow' - I really LOVE their work and this bath is no exception. Using the powerful 'in' color right now - PINK mixed with brown, this tub looks spectacular. I would love to linger in here for awhile...wouldn't you??

Love it!
For more inspiration go here -

(image and design caldwellflake.com)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

I have to go to work shortly but wanted to post this kitchen that was seen earlier this week on Cote de Texas. Joni featured houses for rent in Provence and I couldn't resist this, because I love a kitchen that looks more like a room than a regular kitchen:

Love the curtains, wood, metal and wicker...the farmhouse sink!!

...and the little dog dish!

For more pictures go here - have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!!

(images cotedetexas)

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Fabulous Fabric Friday...Trina Turk's new collection...

When you see these fabrics, you may think of sun, sand, surf and pools. To me, they are the epitome of sunny Palm Springs circa 1970.  Trina Turk transfers this sunny aesthetic to her fashion designs as well. They are such fun and beautiful fabrics and I thought they would be great on a very cold winter day in the middle of winter. Here are some of the fabrics from Trina's Indoor Outdoor Collection 2:

Amazing Maze Coral

Zigzag Weave Laguna

Carmel Coastline Tangerine

Soleil L.A. Aqua

Tangier Frame Seagrass

For more information on Trina's collection go here and also check her out in the new House Beautiful this month...have a great weekend, I have to work tomorrow...but I will be back for Saturday in the kitchen - I've got a great kitchen for you!

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(images fschumacher.com)

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