Saturday in the kitchen...

After a long week at work, capped off by the gorgeous spectacle of the Royal Wedding, I am now able to talk about a kitchen, which seems so trivial in comparison to events that have happened around the world. But, this is something completely different and not a kitchen that you see everyday. I hope you all have a great weekend!!

The sleek cabinetry, red walls, lighting and totally modern vibe look so cool! What a great kitchen - can you imagine having friends over to see this??? wow!  Love it! what do you think? could you live with it?? why not??

(image idealhome.co.uk)

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New wall treatment...!

Yesterday, as I had "Nights in Rodanthe" playing on the TV with Richard Gere and Diane Lane, I decided to get cracking on my new wall treatment from "Urban Walls."  Because I rent my house, I can't put up wallpaper but wanted to make one wall in my bedroom a focal point. So, here is my project in steps:

First, I dusted the wall; excuse the mess in the pictures, I had emptied out a drawer in my bedside table, which is another project in progress that I will show you another day...

Clean wall to the right of the bed...

And clean wall to the left of the bed...

I cut out all the shapes (24 of the large and 36 small, I think) so I could prep them with tape on the wall...

I pretty much randomly decided where they would go. I didn't have as many of the larger shapes, so I decided to put the smaller shapes all over in between - if that makes sense, but you will see...

Here is the right wall with the shapes taped on temporarily.

Another shot of the temporary shapes taped to the walls...

So, during the movie I removed the backing carefully, stuck it on the wall, and then gently pulled the top piece off after smoothing with a credit card...

Voila!! the finished product! Once the backing is removed, the dark turquoise blue really stands out against the pale wall (which is not white, but more of a creamy white) -

I LOVE the way it looks! like wallpaper!
Fuzzy shot...

I decided to put the "Keep Calm" poster back and love the way it looks surrounded by the 'stars' -

I have more work to do in here...I need new lamps and I'm in the process of painting some furniture that will remain in the room. I also need a new comforter and new curtains - IKEA has the curtains I am lusting after...but, it may be a week or two before I can get there - by the way, I liked the movie and love how my wall looks!! Best of all, these can come off the wall with no damage whatsoever. I found 'Urban Walls' on Etsy through Jen's blog, Made by Girl.  I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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Spaah on Easter Sunday...

I just love the rustic look of this gorgeous bathroom, which, I think is in Australia. I love the slipper tub in the middle of the room with soothing colors, sparkly chandelier, white walls and open windows. The worn pale blue wood floor adds some subtle color. Cool breezes no doubt...hope you all have a lovely Easter...

If anyone knows where this is, do let me know!
Happy Easter!!

(image unknown)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

After an extremely busy week, finally Saturday and time off has arrived! Another gorgeous kitchen from the UK done in IKEA's Rubrik Applad...in a light blush pink. This little kitchen is so cool with pretty colors and the floor in an unfinished wood. Love it!

Have a fab weekend!!

(image idealhome.co.uk)

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Fabulous Fabric Friday...Dwell Studio...

I know everyone in the blog world is very familiar with Dwell Studio's work, so I thought it would be great to highlight a bit of their fabric collection at Calico CornersDwell Studio for Robert Allen @Home Fabrics is a beautiful collection of "graphic prints and bold colors" by founder Christiane Lemieux. Her fabrics can go in any design scheme, and with so many different styles, each can lend a uniqueness to homes, offices, yachts and restaurants. For more fabrics go here.

Gate Citrine

Plush Dots Peacock

Soft Scrolls Espresso

Vintage Plumes Camel

Pyramid Birch

Sketch Jade

I've seen the Gate Citrine in magazines and blogs for awhile now, but really love the more exotic fabrics like the Vintage Plumes and Soft Scrolls Espresso. I wish I had my brown bedroom again just to add these two fabrics. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and even better weekend!

(images calicocorners.com)

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Like wallpaper for walls...

Since I rent my house, I am unable to put wallpaper on my walls. So, the next best thing is 'Urban Walls' on Etsy...I found this cool site and bought a pattern to highlight a bedroom wall. If you are looking for something totally unique, easy to apply and easy to take off (a huge bonus for renters!), then look no further - head over to Etsy.com and check it out. Great for any room, kids rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, TV room etc.

Aren't they cool? Any favorites?
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

(images urban walls on etsy.com)

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The perfect curtains...

I have been searching for months for the perfect curtains for my bedroom. I already have great curtains, but they are old and I would like to update the room with new window treatments. I am looking for a blue and white pattern with cotton mix, or 100% cotton. So far, IKEA is the only store that has anything remotely similar to what I'm looking for, in excellent price ranges. Other options are big box stores like KMart, Wal-Mart or Target. Oh, and I don't want to spend a fortune!! 

The current blue and white check curtains...

IKEA Bomull tie backs for $19.99 per pair...(100% cotton)

IKEA Gronska Prickar at $12.99 per pair...little blue and white polka dots - LOVE! I think these are winning...love the color and pattern...and the price! (70% poly/30% cotton)

IKEA Henny curtains for $39.99 per pair has matching bed textiles - these were initially my first choice...I could get the other Henny products to go with these. (58% cotton/42% linen)

Close-up of the Henny curtains...

IKEA's Lummig curtain rod set for $14.99 in white or black...something simple...

IKEA certainly offers great pricing and I love that they sell curtains in pairs, not per panel. Another option would be IKEA's simple white canvas blinds and forgo the curtains. I only have 2 windows to cover, but it is very tricky finding the right patterns and colors.  An important note is that one window is close to a wall, so I have to be careful what curtain rods I choose. What do you think? Any preference or suggestions?

Hope you have a great Monday!!

(images me and Ikea.com)

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Spaah on Sunday...

Back to the UK for an inspiring spa-like bath. This beautiful screen caught my eye and I can't help but choose bathrooms with freestanding tubs. I guess they say 'spa' to me more than anything else. This ultra-modern bath manages to look fresh and relaxing with shiny surfaces, bright orange flower screen and cool stool.

Psst...if you look closely, that's a bed in the background so how cool is it that the bath is incorporated right in the bedroom? 

I have some painting and decorating projects to do, and the weather is finally starting to cooperate!

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!

(image housetohome.co.uk)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

I thought I would post a photo of a designer's kitchen and who better than Christopher Peacock? The Englishman who brought us the white kitchen has a fantastic space in his Connecticut home. With Brazilian cherry floors, white cabinets and gorgeous orange and white window treatments, this kitchen is thoroughly fresh and modern.

Calacatta Gold counters and dark gray paint. I love the gray and orange...
 ('Abbey Walls' by Christopher Peacock Paint)

Stainless appliances and those lanterns above the island...

The modern Saarinen table, window treatments and Eames chairs add the modern touch...
(Newburg Paisley fabric is from Lee Jofa)

Would you love to have this kitchen in your home? Me too!!

Have a great weekend!!

(images by John Bessler for Traditional Home)

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Elizabeth Taylor at home in Beverly Hills...

I just LOVE this shot of Elizabeth Taylor in her parents house in Beverly Hills in 1948. In particular is the lovely pedestal sink that has not gone out of style - EVER.  Six decades on and working in the showroom, we sell a lot of pedestal sinks for the smaller bathroom or for the discerning homeowner who loves the elegant look.  Notice too the lovely faucet with cross handles...you don't see many movie stars photographed in their bathrooms!

(image Emage International/Getty)

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Fabulous Fabric Tuesday...Monaco Interiors...again...

I got the cutest swatch back from Spoonflower and I'm expecting some more (swatches) that I designed, but, thought I would post these for fun...I did random designs that aren't anything special, its just great to see something you made come to fruition. I thought you might get a kick out of one fabric, especially.

All three fabrics, the Jellyfish in the middle and my fave on the right...

I named this 'Sun over Waves' - sorry for the quality...I took it in early morning light and couldn't quite get the brightness right...its pale blue and green.

All three again...

My favorite - Scooter on fabric! I will probably go crazy and get a yard or two and make pillows with my kitty's face on them! Unless you are an animal lover, it probably sounds a little wacky!!

Have a great week everybody! :))

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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My Mom in Lucky magazine...

My mother passed away six years ago but I submitted her picture to Lucky magazine and they decided to run her story in their 'My Mom, The Style Icon' series.  I love the picture and my mother would have been absolutely over the moon to be featured in a national magazine.  Thank you to the editors of Lucky for running my mother's story. She was very fashionable all her life and loved clothes, jewelry, handbags and shoes...don't we all??!!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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Spaah on Sunday...

A simply gorgeous tub today painted in an eye catching purple with chrome details...how would you like to lounge in this tub for an hour?? After a bit of exercise, I will be off to have lunch with a friend today. I have some fun things to post in the next week, so I hope you will come back for a visit!! Have a great Sunday!

Not to mention the fab wallpaper and natural wood - fantastic!

(image idealhome.co.uk)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

Hello Blogland! I hope everyone here in New England is enjoying fabulous spring weather and that everyone around the world is having a fantastic weekend and enjoying the weather too. I am posting a great little kitchen that just happened to be in the 'Coastal Living' magazine that I bought about a year or so ago. I loved it so much and when I was researching a kitchen for today's post, I thought it would be perfect. I am so late posting because I had to work today and it was hectic!!! What recession?? We are soooo busy, its crazy! Its a good thing, but we need more help in the showroom.

Here is the little redesigned cottage on an island off the west coast of Florida:

BEFORE - it really needed help...


This is a 1960's kit house and was redone on a budget. Note the plywood floors that have been painted with a white satin enamel - they look so cool and modern now. The fridge is concealed in a custom-made built-in that keeps it hidden on the side. My favorite piece in the room is the groovy fireplace! My uncle actually has one in his lake house - I think these are so stylish! When I was in design school, I designed an ADA residence with a bright orange one! I couldn't resist...what do you love about this little gem??

Have a great weekend!! See you tomorrow!

(image by David Anger for Coastal Living)

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