Spaah on Sunday...

This is the epitome of the spaah on Sunday! This is a gorgeous bathroom with a deck and lounge chair...um, I wish I was right there! A good soak and then a cup of tea overlooking the sea...Have a great Sunday!

(image Keith Scott Morton)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

Quick post before I head out to work today...this is a coastal kitchen and the blue and white color scheme highlights its originality with the patterned ceiling.  The pretty bridge faucet, copper pans and island covered in wood are fantastic. I would love to have a cup of tea in here, how about you?

Not to mention the blue floor too...love...

(image Tria Giovan for Coastal Living)

Have a fantastic Saturday! Thank you for visiting with me this week!

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Dear Design Diary...the Natasha collection...

When I saw the Natasha Collection from Decolav today,  I couldn't believe how gorgeous it is! What an unusual twist on the vintage cottage look - a total makeover to a modern and sleek look - the wood, the white (of course!) and the chrome - wow! and those truly unique legs. Would you like this in your bathroom? Unfortunately, it will set you back about $2,000 - ! Ugh - oh well, a girl can dream...

This would suit so many different design schemes...

What an inspiring collection - its great to see fresh and modern takes on vintage classics...

(images decolav.com)

Have a great end of the week!! Thank you for visiting me and leaving your comments!

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Dreaming of white...again...

I can't shake it...these white interiors are not just speaking to me, they are shouting! Rather dramatic, but I wanted to make the point.  I think because it is summer, it is easy to love white and I will have something special I just got to show you later in the week. For now, feast the eyes on these fabulous photos of Swedish apartments courtesy of my blogging friend Tiina at Elce Stockholm - it's no secret that the Scandinavian style is so sought after as you can see -

I love all of these and this last photo is a Windsor Smith design - I think what I really love about white is that it allows other colors to 'pop' and really shine in a space. For more Swedish design, visit Tiina here. I hope you are all having a great week!!

(images elcestockholm.blogspot.com
(Windsor Smith via House of Turquoise)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

Its going to be another hot one today so brace yourselves...just getting ready for work but wanted to say hello and have a great Saturday. This kitchen is a veneer fir and the homeowner was incredibly creative since this space is actually one side of an entrance hallway (of a house)!! Check it out!!

And how about that fireplace? What an unusual spot for it.  The space is small but very well organized.  I'm off now for a couple of days, so enjoy the weekend!!

(image coastaliving.com)

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Fabulous fabric friday is back!...Studio Bon Textiles...

I have really missed bringing this column to you every week and just got inspired to start finding great textiles out there again!! It is super hot here in New England, so I am sitting in my bedroom, which is air conditioned, with my laptop on my...LAP! Very comfortable, so sit back and check out these gorgeous and retro prints...

Black & white...


Ric rac...

Sally...sun...I LOVE THIS!

Sally...pumpkin...AND THIS!


Love this!

Love, love, love this room...!!!

Is this phenomenal?  I love this room too...the colors and patterns...Bonnee is the talented designer behind this line and after working in advertising and interior design, Bonnee started designing fabrics and has never looked back.  Nor should she, as I think her innovative and creative style has the versatility to fit with any design aesthetic.

Any favorites? I highlighted Studio Bon a couple of years ago, so it was fun revisiting the website to see what's new. For more information and fun textiles, go here -

Thanks for joining me here - stay cool and have a great Friday!!!

(images studio bon textiles)


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Can you believe this???...

This is not a hotel, but the private home of the ruling Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi in the Middle East...the car? STERLING SILVER! I am amazed anyone lives here!

Talk about LIVING LARGE!! I prefer a cottage - smaller on the resources and smaller on the pocketbook!!

(image unknown)

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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Interior design office reception area...

This is one of my favorite designs from my Portfolio, which I have spent some time adding to my blog this morning. I love the colors and honestly wish I had this office! It is hot and muggy here in New England with passing thunderstorms. I have the day off so I will be running some errands this afternoon. Have a great day! In the meantime, here are a couple of photos for you.

Interior Design Office Reception Area

Reception Moodboard

(Monaco Interiors Portfolio)

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Spaah on Sunday...

Now, for something completely different...I have a client who is looking to add an outdoor shower to her deck and it immediately took me back to my childhood best friend's beach house on the Jersey Shore (Long Beach Island to be exact) who had a fabulous outdoor shower that I loved using. After a day at the beach its a great way to wash out the sand, the hair and the bod while still feeling a cool breeze. It is such a great way to shower, I love the idea of these...would you add an outdoor shower to your home anywhere? why not??

Image by Brian Vanden Brink

Image by Jean Allsopp

Image by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Image by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Image by Jean Allsopp

Image by Bruce Buck

I love these showers, and have a couple of favorites - how about you? Would you love to have one at your house?

(all images via Coastal Living)

Have a great Sunday!

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Saturday in the kitchen...

I found this fantastic kitchen via The Style Files and it is in Lisbon and belongs to interior designer Monica Penaguiao.  I love kitchens that don't look like traditional kitchens - you know, cabinets on the walls, cabinets below, dishwasher, sink etc. This is just stunning and I would love to cook a meal in here -

Look at that sink! and I love the turquoise 'island' - the mix of materials as well like the wooden ceiling, concrete walls and rug...so summery and perfect for a hot day, which it is here in New England...what are your plans for today?

Happy Weekend!

(image Nuevo Estilo via The Style Files)

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In a white mood...

I got my digital issue of Lonny a few days ago and these photos stopped me in my tracks...so dramatic, so cool and so WHITE. I love white with color, but this is just insanely gorgeous and difficult to do. I went to a show house in Maine about 3 years ago and saw a white room and bathroom in person and I couldn't believe how seriously beautiful it looked.  I particularly love the use of photos/wallpaper - it looks so dreamy - would you use this effect?

That wood bottomed coffee table is great ...

I love the mix of furniture here too...

Well that wallcovering is just amazing...Jarlath apparently uses real photographs and transforms then into wallpaper - !!

Are you in a white mood too? maybe because its summer, I feel like I love 'lighter' design or maybe that's the direction I'm headed...do you decorate with a lot of white? For more inspiration go here -

(images by Patrick Cline for Lonny)
(Interior Design by Jarlath Mellett)

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Cool summer totes...

I just got my Land's End sale catalog and a few things caught my eye. Of course, totes are always something practical that you can use as a handbag, weekender or carry-on when you are lucky enough to be going on a trip.  Here are some fab items you might want to check out:




Which one do you want?? Such great prices! I love the turquoise stripes, but the navy and white caught my eye first...for more totes and accessories on sale, go here -

(images landsend.com)

Have a great week!!


Painting project...before and after...

I spent the long weekend of July 4th working on a couple of projects. One is a chair that I only had time to get primer on...so I still need to paint and recover with new fabric and I will show photos of this later in July. The other project I completed is a room that was blue and doesn't get a lot of sunlight in it, so I decided to paint it 'Honied White' by Sherwin Williams. I read that this is a great color for north facing or dark rooms that you want to paint white, but a warm white. Well, the pictures don't really tell the whole story because this room is now instantly brighter, warmer and seems bigger. I always thought the blue was a little too dark for it.

This photo really shows the warmth of the white...it is a creamy white...

The light is so weird in the room, it was hard to take pix to accurately show the change in the color. I hope you can see it.

Have a great day!!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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