Kind of blue...

Well, it has been an eventful few days...we did lose power for 2 days and thankfully, it came back on Monday at about 1am.  I love this designer and the colors in this room and you might recognize it as the work of Carleton Varney. If you know Mr. Varney, he LOVES color and I thought this beautiful blue room was worth another look.  'Kind of Blue' is also one of my favorite CD's by Miles Davis, so I thought it the perfect title for my post today.

Cook's Blue paint by Farrow & Ball;  China Seas fabric is Potalla; I love the mix of blue with the black and white -

(image Mikkel Vang)

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Spaah on Sunday...

Look at this gorgeous Oriental style bathroom - the circular tub, shower and tiles are stunning. Hurricane Irene has now been downgraded to Tropical Storm Irene and we are currently getting lots of rain with some wind, but the worst is yet to come later today.  So, I am blogging and surfing the net while I can! I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!

Love the shower without any doors or curtains...European of course...for more information about this spa, go here.

(image allaboutyou.com)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

This kitchen reminds me of the kitchen in the house I grew up in. This is considered a cottage kitchen and the owners just painted the existing cabinets and added inexpensive wall tiles for the backsplash. I love the dark floor and black chairs too - black and white is such a classic look for a kitchen don't you think?  If I'm not back tomorrow, its because we may lose power with Hurricane Irene bearing down on the northeast United States as I type this - have a great rest of the weekend and I hope to be back soon!

(image via House Beautiful)

To everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene, stay safe!!

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Jackie Kennedy style...

As everyone knows, Jackie Kennedy, later Jackie O was a style icon and for that, I love the picture of the President and Mrs. Kennedy's bedroom in the White House decorated by Sister Parish, another icon in the design world.  I know this is a well-circulated photo, but I love the casual chic, the white sofa and table covered in fabric. The rug looks pretty too...We are bracing for Hurricane Irene and hoping that we don't lose power on Sunday and if we do, we hope it won't be for too long!

The Kennedy White House Master Bedroom
Design by Sister Parish 

(origin of image unknown)

Enjoy your weekend!

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Pink perspective...

Wow! A foyer is your first look when you walk into a home, kind of like a first impression when you meet someone, you notice what they are wearing.  I love that this designer chose this gorgeous pink, Benjamin Moore's Razzle Dazzle (indeed!) to greet guests - what a design statement!  Would you paint your entryway hot pink?

Not to be forgotten is the beautiful vintage NEEDLEPOINT chair - can you believe? Jonathan Berger is the designer and I am his newest fan!

(image Francesco Lagnese)

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Dear design diary...

I just LOVE this room by Canadian designer Sarah Richardson - the white and yellow just speak to me and I would love to do a room like this!  I found these on a blog but can't remember which one as it was last week sometime.  These pictures are so inspirational and make me want to redesign a couple of rooms.

The tables! the fabrics! the lighting!

The headboard!

Yellow makes me go a little crazy - hope you are having a great week! For more inspiration from Sarah Richardson go here -

(images sarahrichardsondesign.com)

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Top 5 design bargains of the week...

I was visiting my Dad and he gets the Home Decorators Collection catalogs and I couldn't believe some of the prices of their many items for the home. Herewith, my picks for the top 5 design bargains of the week to enhance your home:

Diamond Mirror  $71

Director's Chair $29 and canvas seat & back $9 in tons of colors...

Finn Pendant lamp $59

Folding/Stacking Bookcases in lots of colors $79-$89
(the catalog offers them in red, yellow, blue, pink, green and white!)

Julia Accent Table $117

How versatile are these items? and they can go in just about any decor.  I love the mirror for a hallway, the pendant lighting for a kitchen, the bookcase for a living room, the director's chair in a family room and the accent table in any room!  For more great picks, go here.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

(images homedecorators.com)

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Spaah on Sunday...

I am late posting again today since I was late yesterday...I took a little day trip out to the coast and had a lovely lunch on the water with a breeze blowing and the sun shining. So, this picture seemed appropriate as we near the end of summer here...but, let's not rush it, the warmth should be around for awhile. Have a great week!

Imagine this view every day of the year...bliss...aahh...

(image Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

I had to go out of town this week so I am late posting this today.  This is a truly original country kitchen in a primary color. This tomato red kitchen with vintage appliances is so refreshing to me - no fancy appliances, gleaming white surfaces and granite counters, but a useful and efficient kitchen that is also nice to look at.  It belongs to the photographers, Gridley + Graves. What do you think? Are you ready to go country?

Love that unusual countertop too...

Have a great weekend!

(image Gridley + Graves for Country Living)

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Going green...

I love to support Etsy and the wonderfully creative artists who paint, make jewelry and sell all kinds of handmade items.  This artist and her green jewelry really caught my eye as it was recently featured on the main page. Apparently the artist Tami is also a dentist! Check out the lovely necklaces and earrings here  -

Such gorgeous shots of the jewels don't you think?? The colors are so inspirational as well - it would be great to do a room with these colors as accents. I can't decide which I love best how about you?

Hope your week is going well! Thanks for visiting me here, see you next time!

(images poppylaynestudio on etsy.com)


Top 5 design bargains of the week...

I love Target and I'm sure a lot of you do too out there in the blogosphere, so I rounded up my top 5 picks for design bargains of the week for the home (and included some useful decorating tips)...or, the student returning to school to add some pizzaz to the dorm room...

Fabulous fashion pillows to add color to rooms for just $10...

Useful storage ottomans in faux-suede and choice of colors for $14...useful tip: use two together as a 'coffee table' to store magazines and/or to put your feet up while watching TV...

Great looking duvet cover & sham or comforters in Twin XL for only $18...useful tip: you can use these sheets as curtains for dorms or apartments as a thrifty alternative to curtain panels!

With cooler weather coming, these thermal window panels are a steal at just $9 each! In navy, brown, black and tan...useful tip: use these to cover doors too and make a chic entrance...you can tie them back as well for effect...

This shag zebra rug is just $63 and would be great in a kids room where spills and stains happen (rec rooms for example)...this way you haven't spent a fortune on the rug!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures...not great, but hopefully you have seen something you like! Have a great day!

(images target.com)

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Spaah on Sunday...

After a pretty stressful week, I decided to post a real spa photo that frankly, speaks volumes. I would love to be at this resort in the Maldives getting a massage, wouldn't you??

Oh how I wish I was here!

(image Shangri-La Villingili Resort, The Maldives - CHI, The Spa)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Saturday in the kitchen...

Nothing says vintage like a kitchen with a retro poster and blue wood floors. This lovely kitchen is totally charming with the wood counters, stools and bright yellow pendant.  The blue and yellow really make it cheery and I love that there are no built-in cabinets.  Care to join me for a coffee?

The old green table doubles as a worktop...do you like the vintage feel?

Have a great weekend! Thank you for visiting me this week and welcome new followers!

(image coastal living)

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Color love...

I just got my new House Beautiful this week and I was particularly taken with this fabulous, colorful and inspirational house. I am just loving this design and it really makes me excited about interior design and the use of color in homes.  See for yourself -

The curtains, the pillows, the yellow poufs...

The yellow poufs, the Schumacher Pisces fabric and the grass cloth on the wall...

I LOVE this kitchen - the aqua tiles and stunning yellow window treatment...gorgeous!

Hot color of the moment...ORANGE! love these!

The orange pouf, the chevron floor pattern, the headboard and lampshades...

The gorgeous yellow paper, ikat pillow and colorful side table...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this paper and the Kohler Memoirs pedestal...;-)

Such a happy house! I can't stop looking at it! The mix of colors and style is so inspirational for me - what inspires you?

(Interior Design by Mona Ross Berman)

(images by Jonny Valiant for House Beautiful)

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New before and after...

After painting my chair white, the hubby looked at it and said, 'it should be orange' and with that, I decided to do it! Instead of painting, I chose to spray paint since the Krylon paint cans now have an 'easy spray' option that doesn't hurt your hand until it feels like it will fall off! I did that a couple of years ago, and it put me off spraying furniture! But, this was fast, easy and no mess! No paint brushes to clean etc.  I re-covered the seat with my turquoise fabric.  What do you think? Better white or orange?

My husband thought it looked more like  a 'Maine Cottage' color combo- I think it could possibly use one more coat, but, for now, I like it! If anyone is considering a quick paint project, I highly recommend considering spray paint, as there are lots of choices for colors and no finger pain!!

I hope you are all having a great week!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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Fabulous fabric friday...Robert Allen...

Robert Allen has added thousands of fabrics to his new collection with Calico Corners highlighting many different selections from sophisticated to casual.  Organized by color such as Glacier, Harbor and Watermelon to name a few, these are designed to mix and match for any design scheme. There are so many colorways and patterns, I chose a few to whet your appetite for textiles on this summer morning...

Robert Allen for Calico Corners

Earth Elements Aloe

Dream Scene Black

Nehru Indigo

Olivia Strie Copper

Christine Pool

Rowel Pool

Roman Circle Leaf

Tag Along Amber

Frederickson Terrain

Enliven Bone

Do any of these fabrics catch your eye? For your home or a client project? To see more of these fabulous fabrics go here -

I will be taking a blogging break over the weekend but will be back next week with more images! Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting me! Also, welcome to new followers!

(images calicocorners.com)

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