Favorite quote...

I don't usually post anything like this, but, I was reminded how much I love this quote recently from one of the best athletes that ever lived. It is, simply, so true...

Don't you agree?? I hope you have taken some risks that have propelled you to accomplish your goals!!

Have a fantastic week!

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Top 5 Bargains of the week...

Here are my top picks for some great bargains for the home on this Monday morning. Hope you have a great week ahead!

Diane Keaton has done a stoneware collection for Bed Bath & Beyond! who knew? These cute dinner plates are $4.99 each!!

While at BB&B, pick up this gorgeous 'Diva' wallpaper by Graham & Brown in Oyster for $59.99 each...what a great Art Deco neutral for any room -

Lovely clock for your mantelpiece is on clearance at Pier One for just $34.95!

These would be fun for a girls room or party - Fiesta Paper Lanterns on sale at Pier One for $6.98 (all three)...

I am a magazine junkie, so these beautiful Life and Look magazines from the '60's in great condition are a steal for $10.50 (all 3) from Hilltop Times on Etsy.  The cover stories are about the life and death of JFK...wouldn't they be chic on your coffee table??

Thanks for stopping by today!! Have a great Monday!!

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Spaah on Sunday...

This is a beautiful white and sparkly spa shower gleaming with mod glass and white tiles...the vanity has a lovely soft skirt, while a white linen blind covers the window. The flowers add color as well as a feminine touch.  Don't you just want to step in for a hot shower?? Also, I hate to say that I got a contact dermatitis from my glasses, so I treated myself to the Estee Lauder gift at my local Macy's after purchasing their most sought-after skin serum, the Advanced Night Repair.  Have you tried this world-renowned product?

Gorgeous light and bright spa bath...and my gift to myself below...(I spy a Kohler rainshower and Roda shower door!)

The fabulous Estee Lauder - I have wanted to try these products for ages but the gifts always have makeup and I want to try the skincare.  Got my wish!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!! and best wishes for the week ahead - I will be back tomorrow with some great shopping bargains!!

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Saturday in the kitchen...

Another Domino transformation, this time with two rooms that were turned into one kitchen using red and white. The owner wanted an industrial vibe and you can see it in the overall look of the scheme. What do you think?

From this -

To this...

The cabinets, the gorgeous tiles and the Jean Prouve table all give this kitchen a cool retro-industrial vibe.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!! See you back here tomorrow!

(images Resistance Design & Domino)

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Look what I got...

Just a couple of things I have bought in the last couple of weeks that I wanted to share.  The Missoni mug was about the only thing that was affordable and remaining on the shelves in my local Target! For $4.99, I may go back and see if I can pick up another one.  I decided monogrammed matches would be a great little treat and will think about giving these as gifts for the holidays. Anne Harwell at Annechovie is a wonderful artist, and if you have seen the little orange chair before, it was featured in the movie, 'Its Complicated' with Meryl Streep. I have a few of Anne's prints and also commissioned her to paint my family's lake house for my father's 80th birthday last year.  Go here if you are not familiar with Anne and her work.

Aren't they cute? in turquoise and orange, I couldn't resist!! What a great gift idea for the upcoming holidays...I did what I could with the light and camera yesterday - it wasn't ideal...

Have a great week everyone!! thanks for visiting me here, I appreciate your support!

(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

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Top 5 bargains of the week...

Here are my top 5 picks for you today to check out if you are looking for design deals that are stylish without spending a fortune.  Have a great Monday!

Martha Stewart tab top curtains at Home Depot are only $14.87 per panel...Go here 

I did score a Missoni mug from Target for just $4.99! Go here

The Kristaller chandelier from IKEA is so pretty and so is the price: $39.99! Go here

My pick from Etsy is this lovely vintage blue and white woolen throw for just $35.00 - great for football games and picnics now that the weather is cooler...Go here for more information and products...

Check this deal out - TWO (2) Windsor chairs for $95.99 at Amazon.com - wow!
Go here - happy shopping!!

Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for stopping by to visit!

(images homedepot, target, ikea, etsy, amazon)

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Spaah on Sunday...

I'm sure many of you will recognize this super-chic bathroom from my fave mag, Domino, but, if you don't, it belongs to Jenna Lyons of J. Crew fame. The unusual black decor lends itself to a soothing and serene aesthetic...surprisingly.  I don't know if I would choose black, but it does seem to work in this space, what do you think?

Notice the wall the tub is against is not black, giving the eye some relief.  I love these  vintage tubs and would incorporate them into any bathroom, if possible!

(image Melanie Acevedo for Domino)

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Saturday in the kitchen...

Just a quick post this morning...some of you may remember that little magazine called Domino...well, here is a before and after  that I love. Designed by Juliette Hohnen, who is married to one of my fave actors, Steven Weber, who played Brian Hackett on 'Wings' for years, she is in real estate and flips houses.  This is a beach house in Malibu that she redesigned to perfectly fit the California aesthetic. Take a look - here is the before:

And here is the after below:

Juliette used the IKEA freestanding units, poured concrete floors and an all white palette to bring this kitchen up to date. Do you like the look? She did the whole place on an impressive budget as well. For more Domino fun go here -

Have a great weekend!!

(images Mikkel Vang)

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Dear design diary...

I wish they made phones like this today and I guess they do! My grandmother had a Princess phone by Crosley that was white and had lucite buttons (though it was a dial phone, not push button)...I thought it was totally cool! So, when I spied this phone, I'm thinking it might make a good Christmas present for...me!! It is made by the same company, but it has the new push button dialing feature...I love the classic design don't you??

For more cool retro phones, go here -

(image amazon.com)

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Top 5 bargains of the week...

I found some more bargains to start the week off  and add to your homes at great prices! Here is my list:

Don't miss the Missoni collection for Target which starts tomorrow!!

Banana Leaf Trunk at Target for just $49.99
go here for more bargains...

"Lather Rinse Retweet" from Modcloth shower curtain rings
are just $16.99! Go here for more items...

Shop Etsy and find this great zebra table for $119.00 - 22x20x20

Shop Etsy and buy original impressionist artwork from Linda Monfort for $200.00 - go here for more shopping...

Happy Shopping and have a great Monday!!

(images target, modcloth, etsy)

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America the beautiful...

I can't pass this day without remembering the events of 2001...I don't want to be maudlin, but, rather, I'd like to celebrate the phenomenal freedoms we enjoy in this great country of ours and appreciate how lucky we are, that, in times of trouble, people really do pull together. And let no one ever say again that New Yorkers are not nice people - rather, the opposite. I thought New Yorkers showed the stuff that they are really made of, like the rest of this country's people - our DNA and fabric constitutes strength, will, courage and dignity in the face of evil.  America, America, God shed his grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea!

(image by me)


Fabulous fabric friday...Jim Thompson...

This is a quick post as I only spotted this fabric tonight in my new House Beautiful and decided to feature it! I have featured Jim Thompson before here and can't believe how beautiful his new fabrics are. Take a look at his new Opus collection, which is part of the No. 9 Thompson (collection), and see what you think -


I'm speechless - this is gorgeous! Its called 'Bamboozle'

Pamir Burn-Out



The first two are my favorites - that orange pouf and the pink and orange zig zag on the chair - WOW - for more beautiful fabrics go here - hope you are all having a great weekend and thank you for taking the time to stop by!

(images jimthompson.com)

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This room is just gorgeous. I love the colors and the natural textures, but what drew me in was the round rug.  Square and rectangular rugs are what you usually see, so this is a bit different and adds a unique twist to the decor.  The mix of brown with the pale blue of the chairs is just fantastic too. Notice the ottoman covered with Mongolian lamb...!

 I love the way the brown in the rug mimics the wood beams on the ceiling - what do you like? would you use a round rug in your house?

(Interior Design by Tom Scheerer)
(image Francesco Lagnese)

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Top 5 bargains of the week...

Here are my picks for some great deals that are available right now with the click of your mouse or button on your laptop - what could be more comfortable than spending Labor Day shopping from the comfort of your own home?? Hope you are having a great one!

Head over to my friend Anne's blog, you may have heard of 'Annechovie' - she is having a BIG Labor Day Sale!! go here for gorgeous artwork and accessories in Anne's signature colors for 20% OFF!

Fabric.com is a great place for fabrics on sale - this is 'Barber Slub' and is only $8.48/yd.!!! Wouldn't this be gorgeous as curtains or chair cover??

Another Fabric.com special - 'Zig Zag Slub Yellow/White' is also only $8.48/yd.!! Wouldn't this be gorgeous as curtain panels or pillow covers??

Ballard Designs lovely little doormat is only $30.00! It comes in leopard print too...what a great way to welcome guests to your home -

I must confess, this is the desk I bought not long ago, but not for this deal - this white Parsons desk is on Amazon.com through 'Altra' and is only $49.99!!!

Last but not least, I came across this beautiful pillow at IKEA for only $9.99 -wouldn't this add some great energy to any room -

If you have time, the web has an obvious wealth of treasures that don't break the bank - you never have to leave your house (well...almost...) - THANKS FOR STOPPING BY AND ENJOY THE REST OF THIS LABOR DAY!!!


(images annechovie, fabric.com, ballarddesigns.com, amazon.com, ikea.com)

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Its all black and white...

Well, my little break is nearing the end, just one day left so I am relaxing and surfing the net.  My last post was a room designed by the man who goes by the moniker, 'Mr. Color' and if you get his latest book, you will see why. Carleton Varney loves color and his designs are, simply, exuberant.  I have quite a bit of black and white clothing, so I am immediately drawn to the rooms he did in this lake house.  Do you design the way you dress?  Are you inspired to look in your closet and translate those colors, if any, to a room design? Its a great idea if you are stuck on trying to decide what color to paint a room or fabric colors to choose.

Though these rooms have just two colors (except for the kitchen that has the red cushion), I love the patterns and textures he chooses.  Mr. Varney also has a collection for HSN (go here) which is a more affordable retail line that includes curtains, cushions and furniture.

I hope you all enjoy the Labor Day! Relax!
Thank you to my followers and new followers, I appreciate your support as always!! xx

(images Mikkel Vang for House Beautiful)

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