Beauty product du jour...

I am stepping out of the design zone to bring you this message about a fantastic product I tried this week and can't believe how great it is! I wanted to share it with you and I am not getting paid to promote it.

I was shopping in my local Wal-Mart and I'm always looking for great shampoos for color-treated hair, when I found a 'Yes to Cucumbers' bottle on sale for $2.50 (regularly $10.00). It smells great  and thought I'd give it a try as its 'all natural' without the usual harsh ingredients found in shampoos (sulfate, parabens and petroleum). Well, let me tell you, my hair has NEVER looked better! I even skipped a styling product (I forgot) and my hair was LITERALLY shiny, bouncy and the color looked great. I have fine, straight hair but I have a lot of it, its not really thin. I also skipped washing the next day and my hair has never looked better, not greasy or weighed down like it usually does. Seriously, try this product and let me know what you think - I am amazed.  The 'Yes to Carrots' brand has skincare, body care, lip care, baby care and SPF care so do check it out online, I don't think you will be disappointed!

This product ROCKS!!

I didn't even buy the conditioner and my hair still looked

I may try this product next...and its an award winner -

Who doesn't want great looking skin as you age??

Check out this range of SPF products for the whole bod - ;-))
Definitely on my 'Gotta Have These' list!!

Have a great weekend and try some new products to get out of a rut, you'll be
glad you did!!

(images Yes to Carrots)

For more information go here !

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Gotta have these...!

Hello blog world! Here are my top three picks for the week if you are looking to spruce up your home, add a little pattern on the floor or windows or a little warmth with style - hope you are having a great week!

First up, this gorgeous indoor/outdoor rug at QVC
for just $70.00 and $18.00 for shipping - @5x8  

Curtains from Cindy Crawford at JC Penney for just
$35.00 a panel in 4 different colors- very modern and fresh -

(image by me for Monaco Interiors)
(images QVC and Wal-Mart)

You've seen this before! I just bought this at 
Wal-Mart for $70.00 and heats up
to 400 square feet; there are a lot of 
different styles and prices - it looks a lot 
better than a regular heater...

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know
which one of these bargains you would use in your home -

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Dear Design Diary...

I really LOVED every room in this home featured in the new Ivy & Piper magazine of Lady Chatterley's Affair blog's house.  Have you seen the issue? There is something so comforting and cozy yet simple and chic about the colors she uses against a white background. It is an aesthetic I truly love, how about you?  Feast your eyes:

What do you love here? I love the black + white paper, the 
gingham, the chair and chair fabric 

What do you love here? I love the fab gingham window treatment,
the blue lampshades, the colorful pillows, chairs and white walls

LOVE this room! The green and blue sofas, tables, lamp, 
gingham, white table and rug

Red, white and blue never gets old - and that chair!

Look how cute the baby is!! (and the subway tile here is wonderful) -
thank you TINA of Lady Chatterley's Affair for sharing pics
of your lovely home and the INSPIRATION! 

Visit her blog for more fun -
Read Ivy & Piper for more inspiration! 
I think I want to move to Australia, the design scene there
is so vibrant isn't it?

If you need inspiration, stop by my blog and many other
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Sunday around the cottage...

Happy Sunday! Its been a beautiful weekend here in New England and the sun is shining again so I will be going for a walk soon.  Nothing earth-shaking here, I just want to share my little purchase yesterday and what I had for breakfast today. Since the mornings are cooler, I thought I would buy myself some electrical heat to save money on propane and this little beauty was less than $70.00, so its a bargain, looks great and really works. See for yourself -

My little fireplace with simulated flames - from here
for similar - it heats up to 400 square feet

Stonewall Kitchen Pumpkin pancakes, Pure Maine Maple Syrup
and Britain's No. 1 tea - PG Tips -

YUM!!! Pancakes were delicious! 

Scooter hiding in the fireplace box...

Scenes from my week -Lake at the end of the day -

Waning sun...


(all images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

Hope you enjoyed my little photo essay and now time for a brisk walk!

Have a great SUNDAY and week!!

Thanks for stopping by - ;-))

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Fall fashion tips from Anya Sarre...

Hello! I apologize its been awhile since my last post, but, I have a very exciting guest post to share with you from Hollywood stylist Anya Sarre, who has worked with celebrities including Kim Kardashian!  If you are looking for fashion tips for the fall, you have come to the right place so let's go!

Embrace Exciting New Fall Fashions to Redefine Yourself

Embracing fall fashions and new looks is a great way to begin re-taking control over your life and exploring the beautiful you that is just bursting with eagerness to make an appearance!

It does not matter if you take a few minutes to toss on something fashionable, or if you have spent hours preparing your look. When you leave your home dressed for success, you will have the odds in your favor.

If you have no idea where to get started this year when it comes to trying out new fall fashions, consider the maxi skirt.  This simple and breezy skirt is a gem that can be paired with multiple types of button-up work blouses, blazers, cashmere sweaters and long-sleeve T’s with fashionable scarves! Adding a silk scarf that is tied breezily around the neck will set off any maxi skirt.  Pair this outfit with a knee-high pair of English-style riding boots or a sophisticated set of high-heeled strappy sandals in golden and bronze fall colors for maximum effect. Don’t forget, shoes can make or break a look, so complete your fall red carpet look from head to toe!

Dressing in a lovely denim jacket that is paired with a white peasant blouse and a long, brown suede skirt is the perfect outfit to consider wearing to a fall concert, fall festival, or out to dinner with a boyfriend or spouse. Or try paring a long cardigan paired with a beautiful print blouse and retro corduroy jeans. To convert this look to a more feminine one, substitute the corduroy jeans for a knee-length corduroy skirt.  Combine this slightly vintage and romantic look with chunky black shoes or a pair of slim brown boots that taper down the calves and accentuate long legs.

courtesy Anya Sarre

Accessories for fall can be bright and festive to match the colors of autumn. Red headscarves that have a tail which flows down to the shirt can make any woman stand out from the crowd.  Chunky jewelry in hues of gold, oranges, svelte browns and emerald greens are other colors that work well for accessories, handbags and jackets for high fall fashions!

courtesy Anya Sarre

Exploring your personal style and dressing to impress will not only turn heads when you walk by, this will also give you a new and bolder sense of self-assurance and vitality.  Take advantage of the numerous designer apparels that are being released this fall and step out of your front door looking and feeling your absolute best!

Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

I hope you enjoyed these fabulous tips!!  Thank you so much to Anya for her expertise, I know I can always use tips to look and feel great.  I would love to have Anya back, so please leave any comments or questions you have for her!!   

For more information about Anya, go here, where you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook and see her appearances on 'Entertainment Tonight' and 'The Insider.'

Have a great week!! 

(images courtesy Anya Sarre and Monaco Interiors) 


Fashion runway to home...

Fashion trends this season according to In Style magazine, include florals and black + gold. I wanted to show you how you can easily translate this from the runway right to your home.  First up is the floral frenzy - everything floral with bright colors on dresses, handbags and shoes. This can easily move to the home by adding wallpaper with bold and colorful flowers or fabrics that scream 'look at me' on a chair. Would you add this floral decor in your home? It is kind of like a 'shabby chic' on caffeine!

On the runway:

To Home...

The second trend as seen in 'In Style' mag is black and gold.  Now I love black + white, but, this color combo definitely offers a little more glam and a little more chic to the usual combo.  I found some decorating inspiration for both your wardrobe and your home:

On the runway:

To Home:

I love the black and gold and have seen a lot of it in Jen's apartment over at Made by Girl - I love her style.  I wear a lot of black and white and to refresh my look, I can always add gold jewelry to perk up the outfit and as a great accent.  

Will you be updating your wardrobe to include either of these trends?  I would probably add a colorful scarf to an outfit instead of floral head to toe - I am petite and I'm afraid it would overwhelm my small frame!

Have a great week! 

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Tour my cottage...

I recently downsized from a 2,000+ square foot home to a little over 600 feet of living space. With this change, I had to get rid of a lot of furniture, stuff, lamps, knick-knacks, clothes, shoes, handbags...well, you get the idea.  It was a very cathartic experience and I am currently living in about two rooms. I had most of the furniture here, all I brought were my two favorite rugs,  (from my mother and grandmother) a chair, two ottomans and some pillows. Welcome to my little cottage by the lake!!:

Living room rug my mother gave me -

Bedroom vignette with shabby dresser bought for $95
and Anne Harwell print -

Sitting room (and guest room) with Chinese art deco rug that belonged to my
grandmother, $69 IKEA chair, vintage leather stool, fabric throw
 from Israel and Scooter the cat

Hallway with IKEA mirrors bought years ago, vintage sign...

View into the living room with a wicker chair bought for $10 and 
painted bright yellow by me...

Hallway with Scooter who wants to go out...;-)) the floor
is brick -

Reflection in vintage mirror I painted yellow...settee bought
at vintage store for $125 -

Rug details...curtains from JC Penney bought years ago...they are
blue + white check -

Print by Gray Harwell and a thrift store mirror -

(images by me)

My favorite plants and view out the kitchen window - woods
and more woods - perfect for 'serenity now!' - a view of
woods is supposed to be great 'Feng Shui' -

I painted the cottage white and added lots of yellow, blue and 
turquoise...gorgeous colors that I love to live with -

Thanks for joining me on my little cottage tour - I didn't make the 
photos look too 'glamorous' or stage it too much, so you will
notice shoes, a wire and a box for Scootie to sleep in - ;-0

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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Gotta have these...

I have been a bit remiss in posting this week, but I am finding time a precious commodity.  Here are three innovative items I came across this week that I wanted to share with you.  If you are thinking of renovating a bathroom, adding to a kitchen or just looking for some fresh new wallpaper, look no further.  

Lacava is an Italian luxury brand of kitchen and bath
fixtures and vanities - gorgeous, modern and innovative, these
pieces will bring glamour to your home - a bit pricey, but 
worth the investment.

Sierra in Aubergine by Kimberly Lewis Home
is a beautiful update to the classic Chevron we
see everywhere these days - $155.00

Kimberly Lewis Home Striped Wallpaper 
in Yellow/Gray will bring any room up-to-date -

Finally, while flipping channels, I came across this great folding
cart for a kitchen by HSN - versatile, good looking and just
what you need for extra counter space.  Plus, it folds up for
quick and easy hiding! There are other pieces in this collection 
worth checking out.  Its only $139.95 ~

(images lacava.com, kimberlylewishome.com, hsn.com)


If you need help renovating a kitchen or bathroom, please contact me for my decorating services. My rates are reasonable and you don't have to live in my local area - monacointeriors76@yahoo.com.

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