Gotta have these...

Following up on my post about the Evil Queen/Regina's office, I have chosen items that correlate to her aesthetic.  A white leather sofa as a change to the usual black, graphic rug and animal-related wall art. I love a white sofa and leather would be easy to clean!

IKEA's Karlstad sofa in white leather is $899.00

Ballard Design's Greek Key Indoor/Outdoor rugs range in price, but a 4' x 5'7" is $49.00.

Ballard Design's Antlers by Suzanne Kasler offers five designs each for $49.00.

(images ballarddesigns.com + ikea.com)

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Regina/Evil Queen's office...

Welcome friends! I hope this Monday finds you all feeling good.  This week I am focusing on another interior from 'Once Upon a Time.'  This is Mayor Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen's office. In character, the Mayor is always dressed monochromatically in blacks, gray and dark purple or burgundy (played flawlessly by actress Lana Parilla). There are no colors in her wardrobe and her office is exactly the same, only with some white and red (apples) added.  I found an interesting article about the decorator Mark Lane in a Vancouver Sun article discussing the detailed set design and the challenges that go with it (link below).  The Queen/Regina is a cold and calculating woman and her no-nonsense office follows this rule too.  I included some design schemes I thought the Evil Queen would love for other rooms in her house as well.

Although this room has dark brown walls, I think Regina would love this;

Because of the obvious 'forest' reference here, Regina would feel right at home;

Wallpaper with trees continues the forest theme that Regina would love;

Her bedroom could only be black + white;

Perfect chairs for the Evil Queen;

Once Upon A Time Set Decorator Mark Lane in Regina's 'office'

A shot of the set with the fabulous Cole and Son 'Woods' wallpaper - perfect!

Another shot of the office from a different angle; notice the floor and the faux pillars;

A look into the set - notice the bowl of apples on the table - just a little pop of red for the Queen's fruit of choice.

If you haven't tuned in to this wonderful show, you should, its fabulous.  I love the detail that goes into all the sets and characters. For Mark Lane's interview go here -

(last four images here)
(other images here and here)
(top image here courtesy ABC)

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Have a superb week!

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Saturday in the kitchen...

Aaaaah! It is so late, and I apologize I didn't post sooner, but after work I had to get the nails done, pick up some Chinese food and then we watched a gripping little movie with Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson called 'The Ledge.'  It was very good, but now its late, I have HGTV on with Genevieve Gorder and I'm surfing the net.  Check out this gorgeous little stunner of a kitchen - how sweet is this??

Wood stools, fabric, cabinets, glass in the door and the tins all make this little kitchen so fabulous.

See you tomorrow!!

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Blue door and checkered floor...

Its been such a crazy and hectic week, I can't believe I haven't posted anything since Monday!! Where does the time go? It seems to be moving at a very fast pace and it just won't slow down!  I am feeling a bit tired, so this picture really spoke to me...the blue door is luring me in to this gorgeous little room  to sleep...ahhh...peaceful dreams...

I love the blue and white...and that its in Morocco...


Have a great weekend! I'll be back tomorrow -

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Gotta have these...

Following yesterday's post highlighting Snow White's shabby chic home on 'Once Upon a Time,' these items for the home all have a nature theme. Lovely and organic looks for the bedroom, kitchen or living room. Which one do you want?

From QVC: a lovely rug from Nourison, 2.6' x 4' for just $55.60 + shipping

From IKEA: Eivor pair of curtains for just $14.99 - can't believe this price!!

From Urban Outfitters: Vintage Wood Calendar w/hooks for just $49.00

From Etsy shop Jenna Rose: Red Berry pillow on sale for $34.00

(images qvc.com, ikea.com, urbanoutfitters.com, etsy.com)

Beautiful things to add to your home - have a great week!

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Snow white's decor...

In honor of 'Once Upon a Time's' new season, I thought I would run this post I did last year about Snow White's home - enjoy!

I have just posted on my other blog DesignLife about mixing textures in the bed and bath using metals, brick and glass. Since I am now hooked on the show 'Once Upon a Time,' I love that Mary Margaret/Snow White's apartment is very organic and shabby chic. Brick walls, woods, metals, glass and an old rotary phone suit the two sides of Mary/Snow's demure/tough personality. As Snow White she battled trolls and saved Prince Charming's life. As school teacher Mary Margaret, she cried over David/Charming choosing his wife Catherine over her. Since she lives on the run in the woods in the fairy tale world, her modern day digs reflect that tough sensibility in the mix of organic and woody textures. Her sensitive and romantic side shows in the soothing, all white shabby decor.  'Once' has fantastic set decoration that really reflects each character's personality.  These pics reminded me of Snow/Mary's shabby yet oh-so-chic living quarters:

Thank you for your support, comments and following...I appreciate it!! Have a great rest of the weekend and week ahead!! 

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Saturday in the kitchen...

While it has started snowing here and I have to head to work soon, this little kitchen by Krista Ewart is too pretty to pass for posting. It is in a sunny little California cottage that was featured in HB a couple of years ago. Some of you may know, Krista used to work alongside Ruthie Sommers, and you can see her influence in Krista's work.

Perfectly pink on a wintry day, the fridge is probably my favorite feature, as well as the 'Keep Calm' poster and the wood detail. The colors are so fresh with the always-fabulous white.

(image by Victoria Pearson)

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Orange + white = a little different..

This color scheme struck me as a little bit different from the usual...completely fresh and modern looking to me.  Both rooms are so simply designed with all white, but the impact is big. What do you think? Like? Dislike?

Gorgeous touch of orange, just the right amount...;-))

Its supposed to snow tomorrow!!

(image and image)

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I spy with my little eye...

I used to play this game with my Mom when I was little to guess what item in a room someone was thinking of. Well, you won't have to guess what I'm thinking when you see this gorgeous piece for the bedroom. As some of you may know, I have brought orange and turquoise into my bedroom - I painted an old dresser orange, painted my bedside tables pale turquoise, put 'Urban Walls' up to jazz up the wall behind my bed and bought a turquoise comforter from Target, which brings me to this point.  When I saw this, I had that, 'oh, why didn't I buy that?' moment...


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Gotta have these...

Here are my three picks today that make me say I 'gotta have these' whether its sooner or later.  Which one of these items appeals to you?
Gorgeous image from Judy Stalus' Etsy shop - go here

I know, Chevron stripes again! Only $29.99 at Urban Outfitters! go here

I have long wanted this sink and will continue to do so...the Rohl Farmhouse 30x18...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sink! Go here for more information

(images etsy, urbanoutfitters, rohl, homeportfolio.com)

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Here's to you...cupcakes...

These images are making me 'wicked' hungry as we say here in New England...while waiting for the red carpet and Golden Globes and just surfing the net looking at these, I realize how much I adore cupcakes. Any color, any flavor will do. Are you a cupcake or cake person??

I think these are my faves...yum!


Cupcakes or cakes??

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Saturday in the kitchen...

It is going to be freezing cold here tonight, so we are hunkering down.  This is a lovely kitchen designed by Andrea Schroder, the wife of actor Rick Schroder, who appeared in the second season of Design Star.  I was pulling for her to win, but, she missed her family too much and was homesick. I found these on her portfolio, so if you want to look at more go here -

Tastefully done in simple whites...love it!! And the farmhouse sink of course...

Gorgeous shelf...

(images andreadschroder.com)

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Dream a little dream...

Since I feel sleepy and its almost time for some zzzz's, this lovely bedroom caught my eye. The light colors, wood, curtains and fabrics on both beds is so calming. Perfect for when you've had a particularly busy day don't you think?

[image here]

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Dreaming of this...

After a very stressful day, Tahiti is looking really good!!

Wish I was here right this minute!! Maybe staring at the image will help...

(image here)

Hope your day was better!

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Can't take my eyes off of you...

This is the HOT ticket right now and Country Living mag featured these in their last issue...and I missed the chance to buy two knit pillows at a local consignment shop. I actually went back a week later knowing they had been snapped up, but, when I spied these photos, it made me say aaahhhhh, love this! Go ahead, have a stare...or two...so soothing...

White, white, white

Pillow on the lower right...almost bought two of these, didn't and regret it.

Clever idea...

This bedspread is FABULOUS! Does anyone else want to do a total redesign of their bedroom like this??

(images by Lara Robby + Don Freeman for Country Living)

(last two images go here to see my white board on Pinterest)

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