Brunch on Sunday...

This is one of my all time favorite breakfasts and it combines protein with a vegetable, which is a perfect way to start the day! Plus, I love eggs and I love asparagus, so combining the two is a winning combo. Do you love veggies with breakfast?

You can add salmon wraps to the asparagus or lox...
I added toast as well, in case you need more food for dipping...

I used Fotoflexer to edit these photos - and added
a gold frame around them ;-))

Happy Sunday!

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5 MORE TIPS for downsizing...


Michael Taylor, the iconic interior designer credited with originating the 'California' look - light, bright and breezy in the '70's. He lived by this and its an adage we should all consider doing on a daily basis. 

Here are another 5 tips for your notebook:

1. Take all your old towels (you know you have them) and sheets to an animal shelter or hospital or find a drop-off for animal shelters that are always looking for old towels, comforters, blankets and sheets for their sick pets. This goes for pet food and toys too.

Lucy says 'donate now!!' and thank you...

Scooter says 'do the right thing and give us your old linens!'
...and thank you...

2. Got old 8 tracks?? Some of the younger bloggers won't know what the heck those are, but, they HAVE to go!!  Tapes? forget it...old movies on VHS? fuggedaboutit! (as they say in Jersey) -these
are great donations to a library, hospital or school...(in some cases, just chuck 'em out please)...

3. CLOTHES, uh-oh, this is a biggie and almost warrants its own column...If you haven't worn something for 3 months to a year, its time to go. It may look pretty on the hanger, but, really, its just decoration at this point. This goes for handbags, shoes and winter boots as well as winter coats or any kind of coats. Dress for Success (helping women look great for job interviews) Drama clubs, Goodwill, Salvation Army and various other charities are always looking for clothing. If you have a lot, fill out a tax form and collect at the end of the year.

This is a hat you may want to toss...a bit 
outdated don't you think??

4.  TOILETRIES - this is another big one. If you are like me, you collect hair and skin products just because you can and because you got a 'deal.' Well, truly how many mousses can one possibly use?? When not in use, these bottles are taking up precious real estate in the bathroom, linen closet or perhaps its spread to the bedroom. This is not good. The best place for these? How about a women's shelter? These products are great for women who have left abusive husbands or partners etc. who want to not only look good, but feel good.

5. PHOTOGRAPHS - this is another big one for us older bloggers. If you have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos like I did, I literally grabbed a glass of wine, plunked down on my living room floor and went through boxes of photos that took an entire afternoon. I threw out mostly scenic shots (you know 10 pictures of the Eiffel Tower or Leaning Tower of Pisa can only go so far, they're all the same!) and filled a Hefty garbage bag that was so heavy I could barely lift it.  I only kept those pictures that are meaningful and they are now downsized and organized accordingly in shoeboxes or similarly sized boxes. I felt great when I was done, because they were sitting in storage for the better part of 8 years. What good is that? 

BONUS FENG SHUI TIP: putting pictures of deceased relatives around the house or on your walls means that even in the spiritual world, they are actively looking out for you and protecting you. It can only be good. 

Should this stay or should it go?? Probably a keeper since its 
the Juliana and went down the Thames today carrying the Olympic torch!!

So, if you really can't part with certain things, put it all in a box, close it and check
back in a month or two...you won't even remember what's in there. So, like Michael
Taylor, when in doubt, take it out!!

(images by me unless noted)

Happy Olympics! Will you be watching the Opening Ceremony? I will so 


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Top 5 tips for downsizing...

Hello all! I've got some great tips for you if you are thinking about downsizing OR just having a good clean out around your house. Lots of clutter around you is never a good thing, especially in Feng Shui.  So, here are my tips that I have recently applied and feel so much better for it.

1. Throw out all your old magazines and books - if you are like I was, I had piles and piles, over 100 magazines. Did I read them? No! Did I refer to them? No! Dump them!! Recycle or sell them at your yard sale for $1 each.  Same goes for books...if you have read them, dump them. Call a charity and they will come and pick up your boxes of books. Only certain design books you love should be kept as a small library for yourself. 

$12 bookcase for my design books...

2. Got extra furniture like small occasional tables or chairs? If they are collecting dust - sell them or give them to Goodwill. No need for these at all. Plus if you are downsizing from a large house to a small house like I did, they will take up way too much room.

I love my white chair, the orange has to go...I will keep it but
paint it white...see how much room these need? Note piles
of mags behind the chairs...most have been taken to be recycled.

3. Update your walls and get rid of old art work that you bought 10 years ago or longer. I got rid of some prints I've had since 1986 and frankly, they were terribly faded and didn't look good anymore. I had a couple of Andrew Wyeth prints that I used to love, but, let's face it, we move on from things we loved at one time. Also the style in your home might be different so get rid of it! I had some art deco prints that fit a certain design scheme. Sell them at your yard sale.

As you can see, I am definitely keeping my Anne Harwell 

4. Knick knacks? Collecting dust? Sitting on a table for no real reason other than its pretty?? Who cares! Be ruthless! There is no need for pictures on tables and knicky knacky things that just don't serve any purpose. Dust collectors!! Keep a couple of treasured items and sell the rest at your big yard sale. 

I spot a knick knack!! I'm totally guilty of this and
am trying to change my ways...mostly because I have
no room now...;-))

5.  Any item in the kitchen that has not been used in the last 1-3 years such as kitchen items...blenders, Cuisinarts, Foreman grills, electric griddles (I actually had one!), vases, plates, extra wine glasses etc. These are fabulous items for yard sales or charities. Need some new clean space? Clear out the old. And another good tip: if you buy a new item, an old item has to go!! Don't keep collecting! 

Those are my top 5 tips for clearing out your house - I hope it helps if its a project you are thinking about doing or currently working on.  Hope you have a great day!

PS: I am still working on my header links...

(images by me)

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Gotta have these...

Good morning! Thank you for checking out my new blog design, however, there is some technical difficulty with the links on the header, so please bear with me as I wait to have these fixed this week.  I will also be changing or adding content as well.

On another note, its time for another peek at design deals going on this week that I want to share with you.  I'm always looking for new lighting and other stuff and because I am in a new (well, really not) place, its time for me to spiff things up around here.  I will show you what I am doing and have done around the cottage. For now, have a great Sunday and happy shopping!

Check out this gorgeous lamp from JC Penney for $40!! 
Go HERE for coupons!

ZGallerie is offering this fab sofa, great indoors or out for $799.99

Don't forget Etsy! How about adding an instant
library of purple books to your design scheme?
Andrea is offering these for just $30 here 

Thanks for stopping by - have a great week!

(images jcpenney.com, zgallerie, etsy)

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WELCOME to the NEW MONACO INTERIORS!  I am excited to share the new look that is updated to be light, fresh and modern looking. I wanted to revise my blog to zero in on my aesthetic which is all white interiors with colors, mirrors, vintage style and different textures with a cottage-feel and painted furniture mixed in. I am offering design services, so if you need a room designed or styled or accessories added for a fresh look, please contact me for pricing. I would love to help you make your home look and feel unique, to suit your personality and taste.  

Cottage interior in white with yellow and colorful pillows

Close up of colorful pillows and gold mirror with yellow 
mirror in the reflection...

(Images by me) 

Let me know what you think - please stop by for some new things happening here as well, such as my shop which isn't ready yet, and a guest columnist from London who will be bringing us fantastic recipes from her kitchen. She will be joining me after the Olympic hoopla is over. 

Also, if any blogger, writer, etsy shop or artist is interested in advertising, I would love to have you  - please send inquiries for my very affordable rates to monacointeriors76@yahoo.com. I look forward to partnering with you!!

Happy Day! 


Feng Shui tips for good luck...

Anyone out there interested in Feng Shui? I find it very fascinating and would love to have a Feng Shui consultant come into my home and do his/her thing! Prosperity? check; Good fortune? check; Success? check; Money and lots of it? check - sign me up! I have a couple of books and love reading about all the different things you can do in your home to help your life in all areas - love, money, career and family. So here is an interesting one: 

Good luck and who doesn't need a little bit of that every day?? 

To invite good luck into your home and right to your front door - paint it bright red! Apparently Chinese homes and churches have been red for centuries...it is the color of prosperity in Asia.

Next, you must clear clutter from your hallway as luck enters through the front door
and hall - clean it up or the luck will be stalled or stagnate;

Finally, kelly green, the color of money will bring you luck if you decorate with
it around the house - I chose green walls and a green piano here, but, you can use
kelly green pillows, duvets or towels to name a few.

Aren't these walls stunning? Especially with the pink and gold...

Who doesn't love the color of money?? I love this green piano -

See you soon!


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Gotta have these...Deny Designs...

I have been remiss in not posting my favorite column with cool deals and design trends that you need to see.  These three must-haves are from the same web shop, Deny Designs and aren't they spectacular? This shop supports artists from around the world and includes throw pillows, shower curtains, duvets, clocks, sheets and more, so check out the website. In the meantime happy shopping and have a great Sunday! 

City shower curtain by Anderson Design Group $69.00
Lots of other cities are available!

The ubiquitous chevron design by Khristian A. Howell 
Starts at $39.00

Fabulous blue+white wall clock by Aimee St. Hill
'Decorative Blue' 

Wouldn't you love one of these colorful additions to a bathroom, living room or kitchen?

For a lot more of where these came from go here -
See all the other artists' creations -

I'll take all please!

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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Saturday in the kitchen...

Good morning folks! I hope you are all staying cool here in the Northeast where temperatures are expected to exceed 90 degrees F. I have fans, but, may head to a store for a small air conditioner or two.  I was in the mood for a pretty little kitchen today and these pastel shades are so summery and appropriate for mid-July. Do you like your appliances with a bit of color?

Have a great weekend!!

See you soon! ;-))

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Have you seen this phone??

I need a new telephone and when I saw an ad for a new Vtech in the latest issue of House Beautiful, well, let's just say, it was love at first sight. It mimics the old dial style, but is totally modern. It is $59.95 so I think I will pick one up. Do you like it? Would it add something to your home??

Is this super cool or what??

This is the phone I have now, which I like, but, I need something
super cool don't you think??

Have a great day tomorrow wherever you are in the world!



List of life instructions to ponder...

Not to be preachy or anything like it, but I came across these wonderful words that are food for thought on this summer Sunday. Helen and Scott Nearing left their cosmopolitan life in New York City to live in the wilderness of Vermont in 1932 and wrote a book, 'Living the Good Life: How to Live Sanely and Simply in a Troubled World' and it was described as 'this century's Walden.'  They lived as simply as possible and later Helen wrote a memoir, 'Loving and Leaving the Good Life' and lived into her 90's and Scott lived to 100. I LOVE this list that Helen included in her memoir and hope you see something you like as well:

*Do the best you can, whatever arises.
*Be at peace with yourself.
*Find a job you enjoy.
*Live in simple conditions; housing, food, clothing; get rid of clutter.
*Contact nature every day; feel the earth under your feet.
*Take physical exercise through hard work; through gardening or walking.
*Don't worry; live one day at a time.
*Share something every day with someone else; if you live alone, write someone; give something away; help someone else somehow.
*Take time to wonder at life and the world; see some humor in life where you can.
*Observe the one life in all things.
*Be kind to the creatures.

Which is your favorite? I love all of them, but particularly like 'live in simple conditions' etc. But they all give me something to ponder.

Have a great Sunday! ;-))

(image by me)


Photography and editing...

So, I had to replace photo editing with Picnik since they closed shop and I just found Fotoflexer a few days ago. Have any of you tried this?  I just edited three photos I want to share with you. One features fabulous blogger, Anne Harwell's print that I purchased and framed. You may recognize it - I have another one I will share soon too when I have mastered this Fotoflexer. What do you think? 

I featured this the other day, but wanted to edit it - I think it 
looks better now -

My yellow chair is REALLY yellow and I tried to 
highlight this - the pillow looks fab with it!

This has the 'Lomo-ish' effect that I love - note the Anne Harwell
print - Ginger Jar - and my little stuffed animal from
childhood named 'Fluffy' - I love him!

and you can just see my 'House of Eliot' DVD that I am 
totally obsessed with...I wish I could dress the way
the women did in the 1920's...so chic with hats and gloves 
all the time...the other print is an antique shop find...

Hope you all have a great weekend! I will be back!


(images by me for Monaco Interiors)

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Celebrate the Fourth...

Even though it falls mid-week, we have the day off today for the Fourth of July. I will be relaxing today doing a whole lot of...nothing! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday America!! We are so privileged to live 
in this great country - ;-))

(images by me)


Sunday breakfast...

I wanted to share pictures of my Sunday breakfast with you...I bought some fresh strawberries yesterday and had to take pictures of them - their rich red color is beautiful.  I had cereal with blueberries as well in my vintage china and a cup of tea. Won't you join me?

I love the colors of these...they match the strawberries...

Vintage tablecloth and teacup...

Farm fresh strawberries...

These images are unaltered. Since Picnik is gone, I 
don't use a program and have yet to find one. Any

Strawbs on my lovely little vintage plate...can you 
believe, this is a Homer Laughlin plate!

My new camera takes great pictures without having to alter

Matching colors - rug, table and deer antler above...

Kashi with blueberries in vintage English Staffordshire 

Of course, the requisite cup 'o tea...

(images by me)

How is your Sunday so far? Relaxing? Finding inspiration? 

Reading a good book? Errands? Antiquing? The world is 

your oyster!

See you soon! 


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